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For people like you, who have too much to do. A full time job. Family. Pets. Home. Maybe a side business. And menopause ... seriously, because you needed something else to pile on top of endless Zoom meetings, mansplainers, homework, driving people around, and of course, a pandemic. Life is overwhelming, and even the most optimistic of us lose it sometimes.

I make magical things to help bring you back to earth. Things have power because you believe they do. I believe in the power of jewelry and objects to help us re-connect with ourselves, the earth, the universe, and yes, even other people. Jewelry can help us feel grounded, protected, calm, brave, energized, confident, connected, and loved. Many of my pieces have sensory elements built in. So you can fidget with beads and chains to release some tension during meetings, or take advantage of the calming or uplifting aromatherapy of essential oil diffuser jewelry.

Life is tricky, overwhelming, frustrating. And beautiful, inspiring, and yes, even magical. You just have to know where to look. We're in this together!

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