Coaching helps you gain clarity on what you want to achieve, and to access the resources you need to get there.

Most people come to a coach because they want help in achieving something, or working through something. For example — they want a promotion, they want to lose weight, they want to meet the partner of their dreams. I call this the “what”. This what you think you want, and you need help getting it.

But to be successful in getting what you want, you need to know why you want it.

Most people think they know what they want, and why they want it. And we’re very often wrong.

In my coaching practice, I start out by focusing on understanding “why”. Why do you want what you want? The “why” behind the “what” is almost never as obvious as it seems. I use specific techniques to make sure we’re getting to the heart of why you desire something. We will dive deep here — we want to avoid superficial answers.

Once you’re clear on your “why”, I can help you set up systems that will help you make progress, assess where you are, and adjust if necessary. The focus of all my coaching is agility — it’s more important to adapt to changes in your life, circumstances and dreams than it is to keep following a path when you’re no longer sure of your destination.

Ultimately, the coaching is for you, and you get to choose the path you want our coaching to take.

With that said, I provide the following types of coaching services:

General coaching session

In this session, we work on anything you want to work on. We can talk through a problem, I can offer you advice and resources, we can role play a scenario — it’s completely up to you. A general coaching session is usually about 1 hour, but I’m not too concerned about the time, so there’s a bit of flexibility. We can do one session or many — it’s up to you.

Fee: $90 per session.  Pay for 3 sessions in advance for $250 (a $20 savings).

Goal setting coaching session

In a goal setting session, we will work on getting super clear on your goals. You come prepared with 1 big goal (or up to 3 small goals) you have set (or want to set) for yourself. I’ll work with you to get to the root of your “why” for each of  your goals. Once your “why” is uncovered, we’ll work together to determine whether your existing goals are in alignment with your newly discovered “why” and we’ll craft new or revised goals that are. You’ll leave the session with 1 to 3 really clear goals for yourself, and a deep understanding of why you want to achieve them. After the session, I’ll send you a copy of your goals with any resources we discussed that may help you start down the path of achieving them. A goal setting session usually lasts 2 to 3 hours. We can break the time up into multiple sessions if necessary. This session will put you in a great position to achieve your goals, whether you continue on your own, or choose to continue with one of my follow on coaching offerings.

Fee: $250.

Goal definition & mapping

Once you’re crystal clear on why you want what you want, you’re ready to do the work to get it. One of the most common reasons people fail to achieve their goals (aside from not knowing their “why”) is because they don’t have a system in place to help them get there. Now you really understand what you want, so the next set of sessions will focus on systems that help you get there.

We’ll meet to work on a system that will help you make progress on your goals. This session will include breaking your goals down into smaller pieces so you can see progress, setting up a system for tracking and measuring progress and learning how to reflect on where you are and adapt your goals and systems based on what you learned. You’ll leave the session with a customized plan for making progress, and concrete tools and practices for making sure you can adapt to changes along the way. This session usually lasts 2 to 3 hours and can be broken up into multiple sessions if desired.

Fee: $250.

Reflect & Adapt

Now you have a crystal clear goal, and a system for getting there. If you want to continue our journey together, we can follow up with a series of reflect & adapt sessions. During these weekly sessions, we’ll review your progress, talk about how the system is working, decide whether any changes are needed, and update goals accordingly. I’ll take notes and email them to you after our sessions.  Each session lasts about 30 minutes.


One month (4 sessions): $200

Two months (8 sessions): $400

Three months (12 sessions): $500

Six months (24 sessions): $750

Combine goal setting, definition and mapping sessions together for $450 (save $50).

Combine goal setting, definition and mapping and 3 months of reflect and adapt sessions together for $800 (save $150).

Questions? Contact me.  I’m happy to have a chat and get all of your questions answered