What is Coaching?

Coaching services help you gain clarity on what you want to achieve, and to access the resources you need to get there.

Most people come to a coach because they want help in achieving something, or work through something. For example — they want a promotion, they want to lose weight, they want to meet the partner of their dreams. I call this the “what”. This what you think you want, and you want help to get it.

But to be successful in getting what you want, you need to know why you want it.

Most people think they know what they want, and why they want it. And we’re very often wrong. As result, we end up abandoning our goals, or being dissatisfied when and if we do achieve them. All because we didn’t understand why we wanted them in the first place.

When I offer coaching services, I strive to help you understand “why”. Why do you want what you want? The “why” behind the “what” is almost never as obvious as it seems. I use specific techniques to make sure we’re getting to the heart of why you desire something. We will dive deep here — we want to avoid superficial answers.

So, first of all, we get clear on your “why”. Then we work on setting up systems that will help you make progress, assess where you are, and adjust if necessary. The focus of all my coaching is agility — it’s much more important to adapt to changes in your life, circumstances and dreams than it is to keep following a path when you’re no longer sure of your destination.

Ultimately, the coaching is for you, and you get to choose the path you want our coaching to take.

Coaching Services

I’ve recently decided to simplify my coaching services. I’m now offering two types of coaching services: real-time and online.

Real Time Coaching Services – $125/session or pre-pay 4 sessions for $400

Real time coaching services has us talking in “real time”. That can be in person, on the phone or via something like Skype. In these sessions, we work on anything you want to work on. We can talk through a problem, I can offer you resources, we can review your progress — it’s completely up to you. A coaching session usually lasts 60 to 90 minutes. We can do one session or many — it’s your choice.

Fee: $125 per session (generally 1 to 1.5 hours). Pre-pay for 4 sessions for $400 (save $100).

Online Coaching Services – $75/month or pre-pay 3 months for $200

With online coaching services, we will work entirely by email and other electronic methods. Through the use of emails, questionnaires and surveys, we’ll determine what you want to focus on. This is similar to Real Time Coaching Services, with adjustments made for electronic communication.

The fee covers a month’s worth of coaching support. During that time, you can email me as often as you want. I will respond at least once a week, if not more often. This is a really great option for those who would like some support and accountability but whose schedules don’t allow for real time sessions.

Fee: $100/month.  Pre-pay for 3 months for $200 (save $25).

Metaphysical Coaching Services

I’m excited to be offering another type of service for those interested in the “woo woo” side of things. In addition to my regular coaching services, I now have three additional metaphysical coaching services: Crystal Healing Recommendations, Card Readings and Mini Card Readings. All off these services are offered online at the moment. I’m offering the Crystal Healing Recommendations and Card Readings at an introductory rate — 50% off through the end of October 2017.

Crystal Healing Recommendations – $15 (regularly $30)

When you request a crystal healing recommendation, you’ll start out by completing a survey to identify out what you’d like to focus on and some background information. Based on your responses, I will create some recommendations for crystals that will help you achieve the healing you desire. Within 3 business days of your request, you’ll receive a PDF file with a set of recommended crystals, including photos. You’ll have the option of purchasing some or all of the recommended crystals (or jewellery made with these crystals) and elixirs from my Etsy shop. The price also includes one follow up email where I will answer any questions you have about the recommendations.

Card Readings – $25 (regularly $50)

I will use various cards (Tarot, Angel, Crystal or a combination) to provide a detailed reading on a selected area of your life. First of all, you’ll answer a survey to provide background on the area where you’d like some insight. After that, within 5 business days of your request, I’ll send you a PDF file with the details of your reading, including photos of the cards. If Crystal Oracle cards are used in your reading, you will have the option of purchasing some or all of the recommended crystals (or jewellery made with these crystals) and elixirs from my Etsy shop. The price also includes one additional follow up email where I will answer any questions you have about the reading.

Mini Card Readings – $5

A great option for those looking for a quick, affordable reading. I will use a deck of your choice (or mine if you prefer) to do a 3 card reading that will provide insight into one question you would like to ask. First of all, you’ll complete a quick survey where you ask your question and provide some background information that will improve the accuracy of your reading. Within 2 business days of your request I’ll send you a PDF file summary of your 3 to 5 card reading. Pictures of the cards drawn are not included in this reading, nor is any follow up email.

Questions? Contact me.  It’s important that you have the information you need to chose the best option for you. And most of all, we need to make sure that working together is a good fit for both of us. We can have 15 minute chat to explore the options — no cost or obligation. I can also create a custom coaching program for those looking for support in achieving a longer term objective.