I’m currently having a bit of a love affair with Chrysocolla. I love the vibrant colours and how much variation and uniqueness there is in each stone. The structure of Chrysocolla is a bit of a mystery, which of course makes me love it even more. The vibrant blues and greens come from its copper content, but the structure of the mineral varies. It’s hard to pin down.

Metaphysically, chrysocolla is a stone of communication, calm, expression, inner truth, wisdom, compassion and relaxation. Physically, chrysocolla is said to help with anxiety, problems with the lungs and arthritis and inflammation.

I recently purchased a number of different sizes and shapes of these stones, and they are just perfect for wrapping with copper. I get no end of compliments on the Chysocolla tree of life pendants I’ve been making lately.

You can pick up the one shown below in my Etsy shop. Or if you want a custom one, contact me. You can choose which stone you like and I’ll make something special for you.