I was born on Halloween, which may explain my lifelong fascination with all things magical. In my house you’ll find Tarot decks, Angel cards, crystals on every surface, Ouija boards, spell kits, potion bottles, altars, and books about all of the above. You’ll also find computers, cell phones, schedules, plans, technology and tools for productivity, and books about business, psychology and technology.

I have a degree in Computer Science, and have worked in the high tech industry for 25 years, running through a bunch of different jobs — developer, tester, quality auditor, project manager, process manager, people manager. Most recently I’ve landed on coaching and training.

I like numbers, and I believe in going with my gut. In the end, no matter how much analysis we do, our decisions are are based on our feelings, whether we believe it (or like it) or not. So it pays to understand how we want to feel.

I believe with all my heart that logic and spirituality can co-exist.

I’ve moved around a lot. By the time I was 18, I’d attended seven different schools. I have a great family. My closest friends are still the people I spent my last two years of high school with, and I’m unbelievably fortunate to be surrounded by incomparably good people.

I’m the mother of two teenage kids. Motherhood is nothing at all like I thought it would be. In fact, life is nothing at all like I thought it would be.

I’m a fan of the beach, sunset pictures after beach volleyball on Thursday nights, sparkly things, bubbly wine and nostalgia. 80s music for the win! Every interesting conversation will always, always, end up with a discussion of sex or the toilet (or both).

Introvert. Night person. Sometimes I fancy myself to be a writer. I use way too many parentheses. I have a distinct memory of being the only kid in my grade 8 class who thought But The One on the Right by Dorothy Parker was absolutely hilarious, and I still assert that Daniel Drennan’s 90210 weekly wrapups were among the very best works of prose I’ve ever read.

I rarely get enough sleep, there are definitely not enough hours in the day, and if anyone tells you that they can have a full time job, a side job, volunteer at their kids school, keep up all of their close relationships, make healthy home cooked meals, work out, meditate and not sacrifice sleep, they are lying to you. Or they are in possession of some hard core magic that I have yet to discover. Everything comes at the cost of something else — we just have to decide what we value.

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